Regional Conferences 


·       1938: 1st Regional Surveying Teachers Conference, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York

March 24 to 26, 1938

Professor H. Oakley Sharp, Chair Arrangements Committee

·       1938: 2nd Regional Surveying Teachers Conference, University of Louisville - Otter Creek Camp, Louisville, Kentucky

September 5 to 8, 1938

Professor George H. Harding, Chair Arrangements Committee

·       1939: 3rd Regional Surveying Teachers Conference, Missouri School of Mines, Rolla, Missouri

April 6 to 8, 1939

Professor E. W. Carlton, Chair Arrangements Committee

·       1939: 4th Regional Surveying Teachers Conference, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

September 6 to 8, 1939

Professor Ralph P. Black, Chair Arrangements Committee


Following this first national conference, four regional conferences took place, two in 1938 and two in 1939 to provide the opportunity for individuals to attend from different areas of the country. These events were organized under the auspices of Committee VIII of the Civil Engineering Division of SPEE, with attendees of the Rainy Lake conference serving as chairpeople. It is believed that these regional conferences were the beginning of the annual state surveyor society meetings that are now organized by each state professional society.



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