1999: 17th Surveying and Mapping Educators Conference


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

July 11 to 14, 1999

Professor Steve Johnson, Conference Co- Chair

Professor, Boudewijn van Gelder, Conference Co- Chair

Theme: Teaching the Teacher


The conference took place in July 11-14, and the conference’s theme was “Teaching the Teacher” with Steve Johnson and Boudewijn van Gelder as the conference Chair. There were 28 presentations, although a notable difference to the previous conferences is the absence of Canadian representation, as the technical program consisted of solely US-based institutions. In addition to the paper presentations, there were three workshops, each being two hours. Namely these were (i) Basics in web page design, or a look at the future? (ii) educational middleware for distance education; (iii) cooperative learning and learning styles. The first day included presentations on education and accreditation, followed by a day trip and picnic at the Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. The park had nice hiking trails and falls, but Steve Johnson remembers that an attendee slipped and broke his ankle. Another recreation activity was the visit to the French Slick hotel resort and casino. Professor of entomology Tom Turpin gave a remarkable lecture on the “Art of Teaching” that fascinated attendees, which prompted many to ask Professor Turpin if he would be willing to visit their schools as well. The second day was full of sessions focused on new teaching methods in surveying, more information on existing surveying programs, and accreditation matters. The day ended with barbecue at Lafayette’s railroad station downtown, where the conference turned the leadership. That same night 15 attendees were inducted to the Lambda Sigma (ΛΣ) Honor Society, which was founded at Purdue University in 1978 for surveying and geomatics engineering students. In addition, a Leadership in Education Award was created with its first recipients being Drs. Ken Curtis and John McEntyre from Purdue University.



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